University of Virginia

Statistical Bioinformatics Group

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA


Welcome to Jae K. Lee's group

We are conducting statistical and computational investigations on genomic, proteomics, and other bioinformatics data in order to discover and understand genetic factors that determine & predict phenotypes and prognosis in various human diseases.

Our approaches are to analyze multiple genes, their RNA/protein expressions, and their interactive roles in human biology. Our analysis is based on rigorous statistical and computational methods as well as on rich functional and biomedical database resources. We try to use the most realistic statistical and/or computational models that can capture biological phenomena best, rather than merely using mathematically convenient models.

Considering the complexity and extent of the challenges in the post-genome era, we believe that valuable biomedical observations, ultimately for better cure for various human diseases, can be obtained by close collaboration between life and quantitative scientists, and we are always welcome productive collaborations on various translational bioinformatics studies in medicine

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